In stage 1 of "Dominating my future" I went to a Mediabistro.com sponsored seminar about being a book editor. The seminar was good. It was in this great building on Broadway and Spring. Though the walk up status was a pain. The instructor said a lot of good things that both encourage me and worried me. Am I ready to lay down an ultimatum?

One of the best parts of the night was I was approached by someone who could be looking for some freelancers with my skill set. She approached me because she liked the questions I asked. I'm not sure if the opportunity we spoke about would work for me, but it was nice to feel in demand again.

There is a new review of mine on Kevchino.com , its for a pretty crappy album by a band called Lola Ray. This is the third review of mine that they have published. They are still up on that site, or you can also check tehm out on my music page ... What I'm Listening To

I played NFL Street versus Mike and Dave over the weekend, what a fun game that is. I don't think I laughed harder than when I saw Dave's rendition of Lee Schneider on his team. Anyone who has ever camped with him would find it to be the funniest thing in the world.

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