There was lottery for all the "Disney" art in our offices. Since the new theme doesn't call for art work on the walls. We all had the opportunity to get some for our offices and cubes. I put in for several pieces and I was surprised this morning to find out that I won the large framed black and white photo of several artists drawing the various Disney characters back in the old days.

What I really like about it, is it shows people working as a team but also as individuals. This company was built on creativity and team work. It will be a reminder that I won't always be sitting at this cube, but perhaps my next stop will be an office, where I'll have to hang the picture again.

This really ties into my recent review, which was a lot tougher thought it would be. I didn't hear anything I haven't heard about myself before, and it has inspired me to work much harder and go for it. There are going to be fewer posts during the day, I'll be posting a lot at night or right after work. The brass ring is there for me, I just need to grab it.

Falling Behind. Not next time. Not even for a week. Not for a day. Not for a another minute.

Oh by the way I have thrown out my back.

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