Arthur Miller

Usually when a celebrity dies it doesn't affect me but when its one of your literary heroes, it does.

The irony is yesterday we had this huge reading-brainstorming meeting, at the same time. It's bizarre, one of my favorite writers die, as I trudge my way through the book publishing industry.

When I. was a senior in college, I worked at the evening readings program. Arthur Miller was the first reader. I'd be making 10 bucks an hour and I might meet Arthur Miller. The crowd was enormous, I worked a crowd control. But I also got to go back to get Prof Cuomo and Arthur Miller. It's funny; he's someone you always call by his first name. So I went back to the room he was staying in, told them I was time. I was briefly introduced and went back to my spot keeping order. Arthur Miller for a man in his 80s at the time was huge and so impressive.

His classic books like The Crucible and Death of a Salesman will live on forever, but I would recommend reading one of his lesser known plays such as 1992s The Ride Down Mt. Morgan.

Ani, who I had not begun dating yet (though she was stalking me at this point) had gotten an autograph on her copy of Death of a Salesman, I am really glad we now have that in our home.

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