Book #3 - Digital Fortress by Dan Brown


Ok I am a literary snob. I work at a book publisher; I scoff at “pop” writers. “I love Tom Clancy” – Oh my mistake I thought you knew how to read. So when Mike “Squilky” Kraus lent me Digital Fortress by Dan “Da Vinci Code” Brown I was apprehensive. Mike did read a bunch of books I have recommended so, I was due. From minute one I was so entertained. I totally get why this guy sells so many books, they are so fun to read.

I started reading it, and then stopped to read the formerly known as Stonecutters Quill manuscript, but I was able to jump right back in. I read on the bus, risking illness to get through the final pages of the book. Much like the codes broken in the book there were so many layers to dig through.

Mike had asked me to think of who could play these people in the movie of this book. Just from the kind of movie it was Ashley Judd would be cast as Susan Fletcher (but Julianne Moore would be a great choice), I think Ed Norton could play David Becker; Greg Hale is totally Lieb Schreiber, and maybe Ed Harris (or another distinguished looking older guy) as Strathmore. If this movie were filmed in 1980 I would think that weird dude in black from Raiders of the Lost Ark (or as its now known Indiana Jones – Episode 4 Raiders of the Lost Ark) would make a good Hulhot.

Literature it is not. But pure entertainment it is. Ok now back to pretentious books as I begin the new book from NPRs Terry Gross.

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