Hi my name is Niel and I'm obssesive compulsive

I seem to have overly competitive obsessive-compulsive tendencies. During the last few weeks our scout meetings have been basically helping our Cub Scout pack build their pinewood derby cars. This week cars were handed to our scouts, and they will build their own cars as well, which we will race in a few weeks when we get the gym. Miguel mentioned that the older boys would race against the adult’s cars; I grabbed a kit and started thinking.

Not being an artist in a traditional way, I used my greatest tool. The Internet, I researched what made fast cars. Miguel and I agreed to keep all cars in regulation specifications. Which I am not sure is an advantage or disadvantage to me. Miguel has built a lot of these cars; I last worked on one of these in the late 80s. Admittedly I kind of drew it and a carpenter who lived down the block cut it.

So around 11:30 I went into the man room, I started looking up specs, I was printing our plans for cars. I found a wedge design I liked and started tracing. Then I take one of my knives to it, lo and behold its after 1 am, my car is mostly cut (all knife) and there are chunks of wood all over the floor. So I take out the broom and sweep up. Later on I’ll break out the Dremel and sand it down nice and smooth so I can paint it and figure where I’m going to put the weights.

As I’m typing this I’m thinking maybe I should buy a second car to try a different design. I probably should finish this one before I get too far ahead of myself.

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