I am Noah and my belly is the ARK!

I guess I can add three more animals to my "Eaten" list. On Saturday Ani and I went to this weird Slovakian place in Astoria, because they were serving bear. And don't get me wrong I love bears, especially polar, but how can you not eat a carnivore when the opportunity comes up.

So we went the service was really slow (we were the only people there for a while) though the prices were reasonable. My two bear choices were bear meatballs (there was no way I could have ordered that with a straight face) and the hunters medley (which was wild boar, venison and bear). I chose the second. It was ok. The meats were not to distinctive. The boar tasted like pork (duh). The bear was like really dry meat. And the venison was like really chewy meat.

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