a snowy monday's observation

Ever notice that snow doesn't stick when it is really blowing around and coming down furiously. It only really begins to stick and accumulate when it slows down and starts falling down in a slow methodical pace.

Mike found my camera, it had fallen in-between stuff in his trunk. Thank God we didn't go buy a new one.

Latte's are tasty.

Kelvin moved back to "the wood", I'm glad the Baltimore misadventure is finally over for him. Well it's not completely over.

I can't wait until we go down to Spring Training, I'm pretty fired up.

Did you know that Rob Halford has returned to Judas Priest.

There is this report out there called "Luntz Progress", and is basically the Art of War for republican politicians. Holy shit they are even scarier than they seem on TV.

Is Joe Biden of Delaware already running for president in 2008? He all but handed Tim Russert a button on Meet the Press this weekend.

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