Debbie does the pages of playboy

After sitting in a brown paper bad for a few days I finally took a look at the February issue of Playboy magazine, featuring 80's teen idol Debbie "Deborah" Gibson. Sometimes you have to do something nice for your inner child, and my inner child really needed to see Debbie Gibson nude, much like my inner child's desire to see Tiffany nude last year.

As someone who isn't a frequent reader of Playboy magazine, I didn't realize how few pictures of naked women are in it. Basically it's the one "celeb" or all-star nude set and the centerfold and that's it. So onto Debbie. I'll admit that some of the pictures are pretty hot, that is both 13 year old and 30 year old Niel agreeing. Admittedly 13 year old Niel doesn't know any better and thinks all the pictures are totally hot.

From some angles he looking like a "buttaface" if you know what I'm saying. I was a little disappointed that there were only four or so pages of pictures of her. I think Tiffany did a few more pages. But alas know I know what Debbie Gibson looks naked ... or at least stylistically airbrushed.

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