Go Mets!

The Mets first spring training game is on TV today against the Washington Nationals. Sadly I'll be in a workshop during that time, to add insult to injury I get an email from the Mets saying the game will be shown live on the internet, so I wouldn't have to sneak into a conference room to watch.


Just thinking about the hated Washington Nationals (Montreal/San Juan Expos), I'm looking forward to heading down the DC this year to see the Mets play them in RFK stadium. another thing to think about, this is directly aimed at Mike "Squilky" Kraus, there is a real good chance when you have kids that they might be Nationals fans, I guess to you it would be better than them being Red Sox or Mets fans, but still.

Just got great news, my workshop has been pushed back till 2pm, I can watch the first hour of the game!!!!

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