Spring training part 1

This is the trip so far. I'm going a bit of stream on consciousness, but it was written at 7:30 am on Saturday morning.

  • The Nissan Sentra is a cool car, and mixed with the iTrip the rid edown from Orlando was really fun.

  • If you are in Florida, I can not recommend going to a restaurant called "the Waffle House" more. We've eaten there twice already. It's a dive and the service is bad but the food is so good. It reminds me of the Gelndale Dinner.

  • The other people at the Best Western are giving me the stink eye since I've been on the computer since about 6:50a

  • Tradition field, though beautiful doesn't seem terribly Mets like. I mean the name "Tradition Field" sad to say sounds way more Yankee-esque. But the stadium though small is beautiful. The facade on the front is very much like a scaled down version of the field that the Mets and the city were announcing the near completion of the plans on Sept 10th 2001.

  • It was cool seeing all of the regulars - minus Cliff Floyd and Mike Cameron. Carols Beltarn has the same kind of Bat speed that Mike Piazza does.

  • Kaz Matsui and Jose Reyes turned a beautiful double play. I know Reyes is a natural out at short, but Matsui looked really comfortable at second

  • It looks like Pedro is not going to pitch today. That kind of sucks but, I'm sure I'll catch him sometime this season.
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