Tonight we had a troop committee meeting, and it was finally time to hang it up as Scoutmaster. This decision has been coming for along time, it was originally going to be after last year's Wint-o-Ree, but I had a great time at that o-ree and decided to hang in there. The time never really seemed right, but Friday before camping I decided that this would be the last trip I was going on because I was obliged to. I no longer wanted to be "and starring Niel Vuolo". I rather be "with special guest star Niel Vuolo".

At this point I am just quitting being scoutmaster, but I do know I am going to start curtailing my overall involvement at a very rapid pace. It's weird because I have been fully involved in the troop for 20 years now. I think overall my impact has been good during my two tours as scoutmaster and my time as assistant scoutmaster. I helped four boys become eagles, and perhaps by this weekend the fifth (and first on my watch). I helped develop a love of fire in a few people.

I was having breakfast over the weekend with Mike and Kelvin and said that some disagreements with one of the other assistant scoutmasters, had less to do with a personal dislike and more to do with him being just at the beginning of Boy Scout leadership while I was at the very end.

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