Softball game #3

JH Cohen 7 - Disney 5

I am not one to bitch about bad umpiring but... This ump, who also called last week's game had a strike zone that fluctuated so much. Our pitcher was throwing strike after strike, and being called balls, while the other pitcher who was throwing rainbow styled pitches kept getting strikes called. It was very frustrating. Don't get me started on the infield fly rule.

At the plate I was very solid, with two base hits in my two at bats. Both were solidly hit into left field. These two hits now raises my season average up to .500. I don't drive in any runs nor did I score, but I was the beneficiary of a brain fart as I was caught between first and second when the shortstop caught a lien drive. Had he tossed over to first I was a dead duck, but he threw to third to hold the runner there and I got back in time.

Niel's Totals
Game #3 - 2-2
Overall - 3-6 (.500)

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