Beast on the Moon

Last night Ani, Ani's Mom and I went to see this off Broadway play called "Beast on the Moon". It was about two survivors of the Armenian Genocide and how they cope with their loss.

The story begins with Aram Tomasian a young photographer living in Milwaukee Wisconsin, he has a simple home with a portrait with no heads on it. He soon brings home his mail order Armenian bride, the then 15 year old Seta. He is ready to start a family, to replace the one that was butchered by the Turks TURK GA GAN SHOON! , but Seta is just a girl and is not ready.

She has come to grips with her family's deaths, and enjoys being alive. While Aram is tormented and is trying to recapture the family he lost as a young boy.

There were a lot of very funny moments and then there were several moments when I was getting teary. I enjoyed the show, and it made me angry that nearly 90 years later Turkey still doesn't recognize what they did.

The U.S. has made formal apologies to African Americans for slavery and to Japanese Americans for the W.W.II interment camps. The Vatican apologized to Jews for not denying that the Jews were at fault for the crucifixion of Jesus. And those low-life Turks can't make the effort to apologize. All of the survivors are elderly people now, they don't want land or material stuff, they want to know that when they leave this earth that their butchered loved ones got some recognition.

Not that I do this ... song of the day "Chop Suey" - System of a Down

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