Book #5 Arthur Miller - His life and his work

I started this book soon after Arthur Milller died, back in February. Back when I was on pace to read 36 books this year (one every ten days). But as I finished this book over this past weekend. I am not sure what to think about one of the great American writers.

The book is laboriously long, and dense. There were interesting portions, particularly during the height of his popularity. But after the death of Marilyn Monroe, his career spiraled and he was very bitter. Some of the recurring themes include his families finances being ruined during the great depression. I don't think that trauma ever left him, I guess trauma is called trauma because it stays with you.

It did make me want to read some of the classics again with new understanding of the backgrounds. And if I had to make a recommendtaion of a non-classic Arthur Miller play to read, I woudl say go with "The Ride Down Mt. Morgan".

What is truly ironic is that the book is way longer than anything that Miller wrote himself.

On to my love affair with the voices of NPR and Sarah Vowell's "Take the Canoli".

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