Book #6 – Take the Canolli by Sarah Vowell

Yes I have been on this huge Sarah Vowell thing recently. Most of it launched by my reading of this book. Much like her other books, Take the Canolli is a collection of short stories, which are basically transcriptions of her reports from NPR’s This American Life.

One of the highlights is her story of going to a Goth club with some Goth’s who dress her up. It is absolutely hilarious, and reminded me of my own trips to the Bank. I think about the Bank often these days as I walk by it after softball when we play at the East river Park. Back to the book, her style is so funny and quick it’s like she’s sitting next to you telling you her own little war stories.

I finished this book coincidentally while standing twenty feet away form a dude dressed as Darth Vader in the lobby of the Midway theatre. Weirdly the name of the book is a reference to the movie The Godfather, and weirdly enough, Mario Puzo’s The Godfather is next book I’m reading.

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