Memorial Day Weekend re-cap

The weekend started with me going to see an undisclosed company to talk about a property they want to license from us. I was invited to the meeting to be a representative of the editorial department and as a "avid" gamer. It went well and I think their little boat game is kind of neat.

So I end up getting to work just after noon, and just after two I left. Sweet.

As I left the office, I made an appointment with my chiropractor. My back had been stiff since Tuesdays icy softball game. It felt really nice and was relaxing.

We rented Team America World Police. It is low brow but I almost fell off the sofa a few times. Especially when they played the TAWP theme song "America ... Fuck Yeah!". We brought it back and rented this movie with Lauren Graham called Lucky 13 ... what a piece of shit that is. We also got the British version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Wow was that good. And yes the technology looks like what you would expect from 1980 BBC, but it was really funny. The new movie is so close to the old show its scary.

On Saturday we attempted to go to Yoga in the park. But we didn't have any allergy medicines or mats so instead we barbecued at Mom's house.

Sunday we went to Tai Chi. It is so hard, and it completely wore us out. We are going to go again next week. Later on in the day we meet up with Dave and Holly for some Tikka Misala. Always good, both the eats and the company.

We rounded out the weekend with watching the rest of Hitchhiker's guide and grilling at Ani's parents house. I had this weird Czechoslovakian beer that fucked me up.

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