Softball game 4

ABC-TV 7 - Disney 4

When I say this, any true sports fan will know it wasn't even that close. Holy shit where some of those guys good. The pitcher for most of the game (except the innings when we scored and threatened) was one of the reporters Marcilis something or other. He was throwing this curveball that when he was getting it over broke and dropped. He went through our lineup through three innings without a single base-runner. The first base-runner we had got doubled off, it was bad.

When I finally got up, I took a couple of balls. Thinking back I should have went after one of them, I have no idea what pitch I was looking for. My thinking was if I could get on base that would be good for the team. At 3-1 a ball is coming in right down Broadway, my eyes light up and cock the bat and start my swing and the ball breaks in on my hands and drops. WHIFF. My team tries to cheer me on. And then I swung at the same exact pitch in the same exact location. Being the fourth inning, I took myself out so one of the others could get some time out on the field. Usually my four innings behind the plate yield two at bats. Not today. So my season average dropped 61 points down to .429. Rough. We now have two off weeks, but we are trying to set up a training day, to keep off the rust. I need to hit the cage again.

Game four
Niel 0-1

3-7 .429

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