Softball Game 5

After a two-week layoff, the DPW softball team got back to business against one of the best teams in the league - MTV. Playing underneath an ominous sky, DPW felt a sense of urgency and struck quickly jumping out to a 1-0 lead as Niel Vuolo’s fielders-choice drove in the run. MTV then proceeded to tie the game up in the 3rd inning as they were able to chip away for a cheap run. Unfortunately at this stage, the decreasing temperature outside had the adverse effect of cooling off the teams’ bats, and DPW was unable to put together another rally to put any more runs on the board. MTV then added a few late insurance runs in the final inning. Final score- MTV 7 - DPW 3.

As a side note, during the fifth inning, I caught a foul ball at the plate and then threw the next batter out at first after he hit a dribbler right in front of the plate.

My Stats
0-2 ( sac, RBI)

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