It's been a few days so here is a quick update. I wrote my wacky three list, but I just haven't gotten around to uploading it. Actually I'm working on getting images (for flavor) and figuring out my lies and truths. I figure I had the first blog I might as well be the last to post this particular thing. It is called ANTICI ....


We saw SPAMALOT this weekend, it was really funny. Was Lancelot gay in Holy Grail? I gotta check on that.

I'm working on a project at work that is forcing me back into Forbidden Planet and the Complete Strategist. I'm like Mike in high school ... or Mike now. I totally could see myself getting hooked on the flat crack.

The Time Warner thing with cablevision is finally over so I can watch the Mets again. One soggy win and one loss later I'm still feeling good about it. I want to go to a game this weekend, but I'm not sure when Pedro Martinez is pitching.

I screwed up my iPod briefly. But it turned out that my iTUNES software screwed up as well. So after a trip to the Apple store and about 17 reinstalls, iTUNES and my iPod are working in perfect harmony again. Though I have to go back in and create playlists. right now its 1099 of my favorite songs just lumped together.

I have been listing to a lot of Bad Religion again, good stuff. Not to give away anything about my list but I have been so hot for Sarah Vowel recently, as I have just started her book "Take the Canoli".

We have two bye-weeks in a row for softball, and I am chumping on the bit to get back out there. I might play in a slackers softball league on Friday afternoon at Prospect Park. Hopefully I don't have to work, I'd like to get some swings in, especially with our next Disney opponent being MTV who I have a .000 batting average against.

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