Exclusive court room artist view

I went with Mike today to court in New Jersey. It is actually right by Camp Alpine, and ironically less than 2 minutes away from where he was originally pulled over. I don't think Mike's punishment was the $200 fine he had to pay, but the 5 hours we had to wait. Holy shit never speed and get caught on the Palisades parkway.

Yes, Mike drives too fast, but the judge was very mean to him. Refereeing to him as a scofflaw and threatening to take away his driving priveledges in New Jersey. While he was all but understanding to the guy who was going 70 miles over the limit, without a license and got the same fine. Did he need to have stolen the car and killed several kittens to anger this judge.

It wasn't all bad, we got these great Star Wars figures at Burger King.

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