Book #7 The Godfather - by Mario Puzo

What a great book this is. What is weird is I saw the movie first, so I know what everyone looks like, but the descriptions that Puzo uses perfectly describe the actors that played his character in the movie.

One weird thing was since you know what Tom Hagen (for example) looks like, if there was a scene that wasn't in the movie, you could almost picture it theatrically, it made reading it so much more vivid. But I digress it is funny how much the writers of the Sopranos were influenced by this book and no doubt the movie. I read somewhere that Puzo is the first one to describe the Mafia in these terms and that modern Mafia figures based their style and the way they did things largely on pushes work. But there is no Mafia.

Even though this was a relatively long book, I flew right threw it. I even read it at the beach the other day, despite all the girls in bikinis. I was so enthralled in the book, it was like there was no one else on the beach for 100 miles.

My next book is actually the autobiography of pro-wrestler Ric Flair. I started it this afternoon on the ride home after I finished the Godfather. I have this pile of books I still need to read and a box full of books I got at the book fair that I want to get through, it looks like I have reading material through the fall (at least).

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