Book #8 – To Be the Man by Ric Flair

My year of literacy rolls on in a big way, with the finishing of my eighth book this year, the second this week. To Be the Man is the autobiography of pro-wrestler Ric Flair. The vast majority of books written by wrestlers are actually stories of the wrestler retold by other writers. Though this book has a co-writer it really has the voice of the man down.

From humble beginnings as a baby who was stolen away from his mother at birth and adopted by a young doctor and his wife in Minnesota, to private planes and three-week long parties. Ric Flair’s life if nothing was exciting. I guess if you are not a wrestling fan there is a lot that won’t make sense to you, but if you spent much of your youth laying on the floor watching wrestling on Saturday mornings, it will be a great bit of nostalgia for you.

And as Flair would say … “Space Mountain may be the oldest ride in the park, but it still has the longest line. WOOOOO!”

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