Down Goes Fraizer! Down Goes Fraizer!

A few minutes after I made my last posting Mike awoke from his hibernation and Dave came into the living room. We mulled around for a little while and being that we didn't need to get the truck for a few more hours Dave suggested we go get a "box o Joe".

Mike, Kelvin, Dave and I got into the car and headed to Dunkin Donuts. We got coffee and donuts. By the time we got back the girls were awake, as were Holly's parents and brother. He had some breakfast, and got ready for the day ahead.

Kelvin stayed behind to start getting the stuff out into the driveway, while me, Mike and Dave got the truck. After going through long and winding roads we got to the u-haul place. Dave rents it and I jump into the passenger side seat. The window would not open, it was hot in there. and it looked like Dave was struggling with the handling of the truck. Kelvin calls while we are on the way back ... all the stuff was out. We pull into the driveway and start loading up.

At one point I am tossing big bags of clothes and shoes up to Kelvin who is in the truck. There is this one heavy bag, so I step up onto the ramp before I throw it. It's weight takes me off the ramp, I go flying off I hit the asphalt and then land on the grass. No one got a shot of it.

People thought I was joking. I'm not really the John Ritter/Chevy Chase style physical comedian, I'm more of a subtler John Stewart/ Gary Gullman type. Anyway Everyone comes over, and asks if I'm ok. Other than some dirt on my pants and a really nasty bleeding bruise below my right knee, I'm doing good. Holly's mom brings me an ice pack which helps stop the swelling.

It hurt like fuck. It turns out I also had a big cut above my knee and some bruising on my ribs. MMM ribs.

We finished packing up. And got going. We moved everything into Dave and Holly's new place. It is so nice. And we did it relatively quickly. By the time we were done, it started getting really hot. We all took quick showers and I played some of the new Godzilla game. That shower so hit the spot. Afterwards we headed over to Bombers for some Burritos and novelty fries.

After filling our selves with pounds of rice, pork, guacamole, tortilla, and Sweet Potato, Disco and Rasta fries, Ani, Mike and I got back into the station wagon and Kelvin followed us. We headed back home, knowing we would be back in the greater Albany area for visits again.

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