I am a very petty person I think. I don't enjoy others good fortune, it tares me apart inside. Some might say I need to work harder and worry less about others, but too many people around here are getting stuff tossed into their laps. All the while it appears that I am struggling because of financial aspect of my job, which has completely changed despite my inexperience and lack of aptitude with accounting and finances.

I see who gets ahead here. People who don't have to work on that devil system. Cute thin girls. And outsiders. Sadly I fit in none of those categories.

Don't become irreplaceable ... because you'll never get promoted

I got on one of the dozens of committees we have in this place, it has some good people in it. Some who I like, and some who I just pretend to like. Yeah I'm a phony. Hopefully it will give me the opportunity to show myself not in the assistant light, but as someone who has good ideas.

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