laverne v shirley

I wrote up my story for Disney Softball game 8, but I got busy and it is sitting on my desktop at work as we speak. But this obsession is growing out of control. After running some errands Friday I went out to prospect park to play in the Slackers Softball league game. Who these guys are I don’t really know.

It was neat playing at Prospect Park and during the middle of the day. Played only in game one Laverne Vs. Shirley.

I was on team Shirley. And like in the show, Laverne was all over Shirley. Our team ended up losing by a lot. I played a little right field, only one ball got by me.

While the other team went through their lineup several times, the game ended with me on deck waiting for my second at bat. I grounded out, in my only at bat. I am not sure if I will play with these guys again. I guess I’ll see next time I have a Friday off.

This is me playing first base a few weeks ago.

This week I will be trying out for the new Ken Jennings game show. Hopefully that will go well. I am not going to study any subjects; it’s on Comedy Central, how hard could the questions possibly be.

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