nerdfest 2005

It is 630 am and I'm sitting in a relatively dark living room updating my blog. While Kelvin sits right next to me checking his mail, all wireless of course. Mike is a asleep on a couch right there. Ani is on the futon in the other room and Dave and holly are asleep in the room right next door. It was a nerd sleep over.

We are all up here to help D&H move into their new apartment. Kelvin is currently showing me nerd t-shirts. There are jokes about vorpal swords and paladins running amok! Last night, before Kelvin got there we had laptops and iPods and slideshows on PCs it was madness. I had a weird revelation, how could any four guys (Kelvin who wasn't yet there) like us actually find girls to deal with us (Ani, Holly, Erin and Shawnda you all have the patience of saints ... and good sense of humor).

  • It's very quiet, sans the cats running around, mikes snoring and the birds outside.

  • I had never slept on a futon ... it was not bad

  • The Burrito I had yesterday night was good

  • I ate McDs after BEA yesterday ... it didn't sit right

  • I have to collect thoughts about the book expo and post about it

  • I am fired up for playing the Godzilla game!

  • So hopefully the move goes well, and it won't be so long before all of us are in the same room.

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