Niel vs KJ part 1

As I mentioned before, a few weeks ago I saw an ad on Comedy Central about auditions for the new Ken Jennings’-aka Ken Jeopardy-new game show. The show tentatively called Ken Jennings Versus The Rest of the World, is about to start doing run-thrus before they do a huge run-thru for the executives at Comedy Central.

I have always felt the KJ was vastly overrated on Jeopardy. He was simply fast enough to have time to figure out the answer. Obviously he had vast amounts of knowledge about certain subjects (movies for instance) but others he was able to fake his way through. I was pretty confident without his fancy buzzer I could take him.

So I sent in a photo (a tasteful nude) and filled out the application. A few days later I get a response back that they want me to come in take a test and if I pass talk with a producer.

So after an abbreviated day at work I head over to the casting agency. And if I were having self-image issues over at work, I’d be hanging myself from a closet if I worked at this place. But I digress. There were a few other people trying out. I was scoping them out, trying to see if anyone would be way more photogenic than me. I remember once when I tried out for some ESPN game show, there was this super hot chick, with huge breasts. I don’t know how much she knew about sports. But she got onto the show. There was an ok looking woman there and a pretty one, and the guys I saw were pretty shlubby. Hey guys your going to be filmed, wear a nice shirt, and shave perhaps.

They brought us into a room, and the producer talked to us about the test. And then handed them out. It was 36 questions. 9 multiple choice, 17 free answer, and 10 fill in the blanks. Some of the questions were really easy, a question about the Clash’s “London Calling” for example. Some were very hard; there was one about a British romantic poet. That answer was a guess.

So time was up, she took the test and we all were discussing. I seemed to have missed many of the same ones other missed. But got others that the room missed. I was pretty confident. She came back in and said everyone did really well, and read the names of those who passed. I passed. It was a huge relief. After three attempts to make it on a game show, I finally got past the test.

So I waited, to be interviewed. I am the worst interviewer in the world. But I layed it on double thick. I was funny and seemingly comfortable. After I left I thought of several things I could have said, but didn’t get around to.

It went well overall; she said that the run-thrus will begin in the next few weeks and she would be in touch with a schedule. So hopefully this journey continues for me.

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