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Disney 17 - Munich Reinsurance 15

It feels out there. I'm... It's a major rush. I mean it doesn't just feel out there, I mean it feels out there. You know? Um, kinda radical in a kinda tubular way. You know? But most of all it's out there.
-- Ebby Calvin "Nuke" LaLoosh, on winning

I think I can officially say it ... Munich Reinsurance is our bitch. But a guy on a 2-4 team shouldn't be bragging to much. We started out fast jumping out to a big lead. In the bottom of the inning we gave some back. The game went back and forth, and then there were some fireworks. In Munich's big inning their centerfielder nearly runs me over at home plate, he should have been out since he didn't slide. But alas. Later in the game he is on first base and leading, also should have been called out. He goes into second base and our shortstop tags him hard. And all of a sudden they were in each other faces. The benches begin to clear, the ump almost tosses both of them.

Defensively I had an average game, nothing spectacular, just solid behind the plate. But I had my most impressive offensive day of the season. I went 2-for-2 again, driving in two runs and scoring a run. The first hit, was on a high pitch that I went after looking to riffle it into the out field, it just dropped off my bat, the catcher was waiting to see if it rolled foul, he then fired over to first, the first baseman leaped, I was clearly safe be he couldn't hold onto the ball and I went over to second the runners on second and third both scored. That is what I call clutch two-out hitting. I came around and scored on a smoked shot into right.

My second hit was a little more substantial. I drove the ball into right field, for a single. I was forced out at second, when their shortstop couldn't handle a line drive hit right at him, and tossed over the second after I had started back to first, not wanting to get doubled off. At the very least I blocked the second baseman from having a good shot at throwing out the runner going to first.

As the sun was going down, we went into the bottom of the 5th, up by two. If we could get these three outs we'd have an official game and our second victory of the season. They got a couple of runners on, but couldn't get any of them across as we got a well deserved win.

Niel's Stats
2-2 (2 RBI, 1 run )

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