Softball Game 7

Disney over JH Cohen (score to come)

Two in a row! The softball team slowly crawls back towards .500 as we took out JH Cohen for our third win of the season. Still reeling from my fall on Saturday, I took my self out of my regular spot behind the dish.

I subbed into the game at first base in the fourth inning. I was a little shaky at first, I had one error, but no runs scored because of it. At the plate I was very good, driving in 3 runs with a triple and then a double.

I know what your saying, did someone die in the outfield for me to get a triple? Actually I rifled a shot right down the third base line, it hit the bag and just kept rolling. The shortstop on the other team started yelling it was foul so the left fielder non chalantly walks over to get the ball which has rolled a long way. The ump didn't call it foul so I kept running. And as the ball was coming in I get to third standing up. Driving in two runs. I was stranded on third, but that was cool none the less.

In my next at bat I came up with two outs and a runner on when I doubled to centerfield. It should have been a single, but I reached second on the over throw, once again the runner scored. And once again I ended the innings standing on the base I got myself to.

So there was this guy who barrels over our first baseman early in the game. His teammates yell at him for not running to the outside bag. Later on he is digging in and yelling at the ump because he doesn't know where the batters box is. He was adjusting so much up there you think he was Nomad Garciaparra. So in the next inning, he is now catching. Our lead-off batter was one of the girls. This jerk ass has his glove infront of the batter. And then he would jump back when the pitch came. We complained because we didn't want that jerk to get hit in the face with a bat. He starts bitching, me and two of me teammates are yelling at him, his team is yelling at him so is the ump. Our batter reached on a walk. Then I came up, funny he plays these games with a small girl at bat, but keeps his distance when I was up there.

I am not sure what the final score was but I do know we won. We are now 1 game under .500.

My stats
2-2 (3 RBI, 2B, 3B)
Overall - 7-13 (.538)

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