Books 10 and 11

Book #10
How to survive a robot uprising – by Daniel Wilson

Basically this book is a guide to defending yourself and ultimately destroying our future metallic overlords. It is classified as a comedy book, with its movie quotes and cool graphics. But the writer, a roboticist from Carnegie Mellon University is taking it very seriously.
The threat he says is there form human like robots, house robots, vehicular robots and microscopic nano-robots. Remember if you are fighting a robot, zig zag a lot and a good heavy and sharp axe right to its eyes might give you enough time to get away.

Book #11
The Virgin – by Eric Barmack

This is the best book I have read in a long time. It blew me away. In the middle of the book I had that AHA! Moment. When you think you’ve guessed the surprise ending only to be totally wrong.

It was the first book by Barmack and it is wonderfully crafted. The timeliness of the subject, a reality TV show with men fighting for the affection of a Virgin is so intriguing. I can’t believe no one has tried it yet. The book goes behind the scenes, and has these great show recaps that seem ripped right out of Television Without Pity. I will say no more, but if anyone wants to borrow this book. Just let me know. I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed a book this much since Survivor.

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