I'm a little drunk

So Ani is at the flea market selling some of her craft works, I am chilling at home. With no car I really can't go anywhere .... My car is in the shop it was over heating and spewing orange liquid. So I'm here and I decide to make a smoothie ... an adult smoothie. So I take 4 oz. of Sour mix, 4 oz. of Midori and lots of ice and I made an midori sour smoothie ... It is awesome.

I have been downloading all this weird Star Trek themed music, Stovokor (a klingon death metal band) No Kill I and No Kill I: The Next generation (Trek related Punk bands) and ofcourse Warp 11 (Trek themed rock band). Warp 11 is really good, the others kind of seem like 1 or 2 steps up from LnP. I'm going to go play some SSX 3.

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