Softball Game 10

Disney over JH Cohen

It is weird that in after a game when we won our second season series with a team, with a decisive victory all I could think about was the two at bats that got away.

We played the third and final game against JH Cohen, the series was tied one game each. It was a special Thursday night game, since they have a company wide event on the day our game is regularly scheduled. We played at east river park at field number 3. Number 3 has what would be described as a "short porch", the 20 foot wall in right field was about 50 feet past first base. The ump informed us that balls hit from centerfield to right field over the fences were outs. There goes my dream of hitting one out.

I had been playing with the idea of going with a more uppercut swing to generate more power and get a little more loft, so when I lead off in the second inning. I used my uppercut swing and wailed away. I hit a ball a ton into left field. I start pouring it on rounding first as I see the left fielder grab it. It sounded good. My next at bat I come up with the bases loaded and no outs, uppercut swing, pop up. No runs score. If I swing straight maybe that shoots into the outfield on a hop and a run or two scores. But alas.

In my final at bat I went back to my normal swing and lined a single into left. And for the second game in a row I was forced out at second.

As usual I started at catcher and then I was switched into left field. I made a good play and a solid throw on a one hopper. Outfield is nice ... though you can lose yourself in the clouds or even start obsessing about one of your at bats.

Niel's Stats

Game 10: 1-3
Overall : 12-23 (.545)

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