Softball game 11

Disney 8 - Munich Reinsurers 6

Getting to work on the day after a softball game is rough. My knees are burning, and I'm going back to sit at my desk instead of heading out to the field.

In game 11 of the 12 game season we took on Munich Reinsurers, looking for the sweep (of the season series) and looking to take a step back towards .500. After two innings of solid defense on both sides, including a pop up at home plate that I caught and a similar play that was just out of my reach in foul territory, we started exploding for runs.

We jumped out to a 8-1 lead. He held that lead into the top of the sixth. And much like any time we've had a lead, we got sloppy. Munich came back with a few runs cutting our lead down to 8-5.

When we took the field in the seventh inning, we needed to get three more outs before they scored three runs. Had they scored three runs, no doubt we would have scored in the bottom of the inning, I would bat fourth in the bottom of the inning (if it came to that). We gave up a homerun. But then got a few outs so they were down to their last out and their pitcher doubles right into some kid who was standing on the fair line in left field. The tying run was at the plate. Weak grounder to third. DISNEY WINS! DISNEY WINS!

Now we have a week off next week and then we take on ABC. Are the playoffs a possibility? Maybe. Is defeating ABC breaking their undefeated streak and getting back to .500 possible? ABSOLUTELY!

Niel's Stats
game 11 - 2-3
Overall 14-26 (.538)

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