Softball game 8 & 9

Softball Game 8

ABC 20 - Disney 17

Despite taking the best team in our league to the brink of defeat. We ended the game with two runner on, the tying run at the plate and the winning run on deck (the guy who was on deck had already hit three homeruns in the game).

I was back behind the plate, and the 95 degree plus heat along with a lot of bad calls had my blood boiling. This woman from ABC hits a ball into shallow left field. The two runners who were on base try to go home. The first runner gets in easily the second runner is coming down the line as our shortstop fires a laser to me. I have my foot on the base (as per umpires instructions) and tag the runner as he slides into home. What I should have done (and will do in the future) is wear some sort of lower leg protection and totally block the plate. The ump calls him safe. I pop up and get in his face and start jawing. I think I started with the fan favorite "ARE YOU NUTS!" The batter started making her way around the bases as a slammed down my glove with the ball in it. Much like David Cone arguing a call at first base I didn't call time out. I finally picked up the ball, with the runner standing on third base.

The ump was cool about it. Later on he said he didn't mind about the arguing, but the throwing could have gotten me tossed. It fired up the team and we scored some runs briefly taking the lead after my out burst. At the plate I had a pretty good night, going 2-for-3, driving in 1 and scoring once. I was really fired up to win this game and go into the break at .500.

We have four more games in the season, we probably need to win all 4 to make the playoffs.

Niel's stats

Game 8 - 2-3
Overall 9-16 (.563)

MTV 21 - Disney 14

I came to bat in the top of the seventh inning, we were down 21-10, a touch down and a field goal and we were right back in it. Sadly this was softball and there were no two point conversions. I hit a sharp grounder to the shortstop who couldn't handle the ball properly on a sticky and humid evening. I eventually was forced out at second, but I went in to second enough in the path of the shortstop covering to not give her a legitimate shot at the runner going to first. Sadly that was the highlight of my game.

I grounded out in my first at bat and drove in a run with a single later on, but MTV was too much for us.

Behind the plate, I was suffering with the heat and humidity and the drizzle, I was a very wobbly target. Our pitcher couldn't grip the ball properly and was walking the world. And MTV took their walks an waited on big fat pitches. MTV despite us being their bitches, has always been cool to us. We have never had any arguments with them, nor with the officials during their games. If we can't beat ABC in a few weeks, I hope they are able to.

We have another game Thursday evening, and we need to run the table to end the season at .500. It is going to be a struggle.

Niel' Stats

Game 9 - 2-3
Overall 11-19 (.579)

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