What was weird about yesterday was not that I helped defeat Ken Jennings, but that it turned into a duel celebrity day. Anyway back to kicking Ken Jennings ass.

So I arrived at the casting agency, at the designated time. My mouth was a little bitter from the new green tea lemonade at Starbucks. Going off on a tangent, all this green tea business at Bucky's is totally out of control and un-necessary. The day before I tried the Green Tea Frappachino. It was so gross, it made my mouth dry, and no drink that is topped with whipped cream should dry you out. And it looked like a spinach smoothie. But I digress.

Tracey the casting director greets me, I see they have a nametag spelt correctly I may add waiting for me. Once the fifth guy on our team arrives we go into the same room where we took the test, and now there was this huge board with the continents, and two sets of tables one in the back with three lighting contractions, and the front table had two lighting positions, and next to it was a solo one, with the name Ken in font of it. I sat in the seat right next to Ken.

This run-thru had Ken, had actual buzzers and had the real host, some comedian from LA-whose name escapes me. The premise of the show is Ken takes on teams of players with common themes; we were “The Fellowship of Game Show Enthusiasts”. The first two rounds we play against Ken, but mostly against each other. And who ever has the most points, goes one on one with Ken.

Ken, who always seemed short and diminutive on TV, was pretty tall. I would guess he was my height or a tad shorter. But he is pretty thin, so he looks small.

After each round two contestants are eliminated. I didn’t get any questions wrong, which is good. And I got a bunch right, including a question about Field of Dreams and Halo. The Halo question for all you fan out there was “In what video game do you play a character named Master Chief.” I was all over that one. I am drawing a blank on all the other questions. I finished with a very respectable 7 points, one of my teammates had 9, and Ken had 16. The rest of the team managed three total points.

The other guy did a family feud style final round, and we got to change one of his answers. He passed on “what was the name of the cat from Austin Powers” … I of course knew it to be Mr. Bigglesworth.

When Ken took on the same questions, he missed Mr. Bigglesworth. We beat Ken by 1 point … coincindentally my additional answer won “the world” the game. It was really fun, and hopefully I will be selected to get on the show and can win some fabulous prizes.

Going back to celebrity number two. There was going to be a reading of one of the Baby Einstein books at the Borders uptown to celebrate the release of the new video. My boss didn’t want to go, I think because she hates the art director who was going. It was god to have a representative if the book group there. Anyways Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin was reading the book, actually she signed the book and her translator read it.


There were tons of people there, many with deaf and or hearing-impaired children. We gave out balloons, and sold lots of product. One funny moment near the end we were trying to give away the last of the balloons, and after struggling trying to untangle the balloons from each other, I am searching for little children to give balloons to. I might as well have been asking them to go into my trunk and prepare to die a slow death. But alas.

We spoke with Ellen form BEC, the translator dude and Marlee for a little bit. She really loves the brand. And she is hot in person. (And not just hot for a deaf woman with four kids)

I wasn’t the only one who thought so, there were these three older men, without children who were at borders two hours before the reading started who wanted to get her autograph on pictures and DVDs and golf balls. These guys have got problems.

All in all it was a really good and fun day. But it doesn’t end there. When I got home Ani had a picnic waiting for me in the air conditioning. SWEET!

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