12 and 12

I’ve been really negligent in with my regular features, so here is the recap of game 12 of the softball season and book 12 of Niel’s Year of Literacy.

“It’s Superman” by Tom De Haven is this bizarre retelling of the myth of Superman. Based in the 1930s it is a real different look. Not as clean and neat, with instructions on being Superman or the last son of Krypton. Clark Kent is an average Kansas farm boy, who has some weird ability.

The story ended up being more about cub reporter Lois Lane and crooked alderman Lex Luthor. It was a neat read.

ABC 12 – Disney 4


Eleven to four … it was not even that close. We went into the game ready to knock off the number one team in our division. I started up a “were number three” chant on the N train.

With temperatures in the high nineties, it was not going to be an easy one. I was drinking ice cold PowerAde before I took my glove out of my equipment bag. My number 1 fan Ani was looking very Goth in all black.

We were the home team and the sun was right in my eyes behind the plate. The ump who was a tad star struck with the minor celebs in the other dugout, was calling a lot of balls to our pitchers. Soon those walks became runs and we were down by seven before we even got up.

Our focus left winning and focused on not getting shut out. In the fourth inning we finally scored . I got a hit, and scored on two throwing errors. The hit was vindication after a very frustrating strikeout in my first at bat.

The pitcher for ABC was Channel seven back up anchor man Joe Torres. He also slid hard into home plate. He was safe, unlike some of the others who got called safe. He asked if I was ok after he slid into my leg pads.

I only have a few regrets about the season...

  • losing record (5 and 7)

  • no homeruns

  • no Pete Rose like slides

  • no diving catches

  • Final Stats
    15 for 28 (.536)

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