random thoughts ... books 13 & 14 ... more sports analogies

I've been really lazy with posting but it's been so fucking hectic here at work. And with Ani’s parents being out of town, going over to there house every few days to check on the cat and with the Mets on the west coast, there simply has not been time to post.

Both of my bosses are out today, so I have a few minutes. Quick update ... note - I still got so busy I didnt post this till Sunday night

  • I re-did Ani's link page ... it's awesome

  • I bought new shoes in preparation for my new more professional look

  • That FX show Starved is fantastic

  • I'm going to the zoo on Monday for work

  • It’s time for me to stop thinking of work opportunities as a football analogy “give me the ball and I’ll run with it” but I will now think of it in baseball terms, “here’s the pitch that has been thrown, no hit it … Hard”.

    Also since my last post I finished two more books.

    Book #13
    The Usual Mistakes by Erin Flanagan

    A series of short stories about people who make mistakes that everyone makes, people who have to deal with the consequences of those mistakes and everyone around them. One of the interesting stories is about this woman who lied her way into a job at a plastic surgery place, in what used to be a Best Western. I kept thinking it looked like that shitty hotel we stayed at in Albany, not like the really nice Best Western we stayed at in Vero Beach. She befriends this young girl who is trying to get her Nazi tattoos removed.

    The girl got the tattoos for some guy and now she regrets that people assume things about her, all because of the usual mistakes that she made.

    Book #14
    Let me tell you a story by Red Auerbach and John Feinstein

    I burned through this 330-page book in a few days. If you like basketball and the birth of the NBA this book is so totally for you. But if you’re not that big of a sports history fan, I could see it getting a little stale and repetitive at times.

    What I licked most about this book, was that it was co-written by John Feinstein. Who for my money is the best sports writer out there. This is the fourth or fifth book of his that I have read recently and all of them were page-turners.

  • Dodgeball funnier than I remembered

  • Jason Bateman as “Pepper” steals that movie

  • I like Potato Au Gratin

  • I hate storm coverage on TV … they always make it seem so much worse than it ever is. Not that I’m staying the effects are never devastating, but every storm is the storm of the century
  • >
  • It looks like Little E was sold out on DVD at one Target store I went to.

  • Damn channel 7 won the championship

  • I am thinking of getting a lighter bat for next softball season
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