fantasy football

Is fantasy football the new gambling? I remember when I would put a little money on games, I would be freaking out about the line and the final score. Didn't really care who won, I was more concerned if someone covered. Now that I am into the fantasy football, I spend the whole game yelling to throw TO the ball. Or not to throw the ball the Randy Moss.

On Sunday night I was so confused. I was up by about 14 going into the game, I had a handful of players going in the Raiders v. Chiefs game. My opponent had Randy Moss. I knew if Randy had a game like TO did earlier in the day, I was sunk. I'm yelling for Kerry Collins to spread the ball around. And near the end I was so conflicted, the Raiders needed to go to Moss, to get a victory (a much needed victory at that) and if they did I probably would have been 0-2 (like Mike and Dave) but they went to Jerry Porter and he couldn't hang on to the ball. The Raiders are now 0-2, and in serious trouble in the AFC. I'm now 1-1 in my fantasy league and very much in the thick of things.

another thing, why can't I beat Mike at Madden 2006. So far online (not all against Mike) I am 0-11 (very Dave Dowdesque) while Mike is seven or eight games over .500. In our Monday Night season so far, I have been vanquished as the RAAAAAYDUHS!, the Eagles and the Cowboys. Incidentally all of those teams lost the actual games those Monday (and Thursday) nights.

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