Nine more books to go!

Book #15
Ghost town

Ghost town is a collection of three short novellas about the ghosts of New York City. The first takes place during the revolutionary war, the next during the civil war and the last in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 .The author was very successful in two things, one in getting the period voice right, and in confusing the reader as to who the narrator is.

In one story it’s a distant relative or a very minor character. One it’s an omniscient third party and in the other it’s one of the charters. What was weird about reading this book was it was right as Hurricane Katrina hit. And every day you watched the damage in New Orleans it reminded me of the wreckage of 9/11, it also reminded my of my trip to New Orleans and all the lore of ghosts that was associated with the town. Maybe being a little bummed out by the book, made me not like it. Entertainment weekly liked the book, but it was pre-Katrina.

Book #16
The Imagineering Way by THE IMAGINEERS

Sometimes you really get on a roll and knock out a book in three or so days that is what “The Imagineering Way” was like. I’m not going to say much about it because our house published it. It was good, and gave me a lot of ideas about being creative and thinking inside, outside and through the box.

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