best lunch ever

I wrote this kick ass tribute to Mike Piazza yesterday. And then outlook crashed on me. So I'll try to recreate that. I'll also have to finish up my account of Ani and my trip to DC. In short it was fun.

Over the weekend we saw the new Family Guy DVD - Stewie Griffin Uncensored (or something like that) it was very funny. But while watching it with the surround sound on, I decided to watch Empire Strikes Back. I know it must have been horrifying for Han, Leia and Chewey when the only Armenian in the Star Wars universe Lando Calrissian led them to have refreshments with Darth Vader and Boba Fett. But as a geek, that would be the best lunch ever. "Mmm these are some good sandwiches. So which one of you guys is going to take off his helmet first to try one?"

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