Doing nothing is the new doing something

Has there ever been a time when you at work and you are dealing with a mess that you didn't create, but now you are responsible for it. And if it goes the wrong way you are totally fucked? But then it resolves it self in the right way and a weight seems to be lifted off of your shoulders.

I really wanted to start watching LOST - I even DVR'd an episode, but I lost that initial curiosity. I watch enough TV anyway.

I saw this great show on Bravo. "Why Its Great To Be ... " and they have different subjects in a VH1 best week ever style. We watched the episodes on being Fat and 30. I feel so empowered.

Reasons why:
  • I'm already fat ... lets eat

  • Repeated references to James "Tony Soprano" Gandolfini

  • The odds that I'm gay or that have a mental disorder are very low at this point (11% and 25%)

  • In the middle ages I'd be dead by now

  • 30 is the new 20

  • Slacking is the new industrious

  • 300 is the new 150

  • I am comfortable with my hair and basic style of dress

  • A Marine is a White House spy? What the fuck ... Kelvin, Mark please explain you brother Marine.

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