Go Falcons!!!

This is from a message board I read ... this is the harsh reality of fantasy football

So I made this 10 year old girl cry yesterday....
Ruff day for the King yesterday.

Went 1-3 in my FFL leagues. of them was a league of me and my co-workers, and theres lots of trashtalk. So yesterday, my powerhouse line up craps the bed against my good friend and I lose. Adding insult to injury is that he had three starters missing, three empty spots and he still beats me by 3 points. I was so freaking irritated, I could barely stand it.

So, I call his house and leave a nasty rant on his answering machine, all in good fun of course. But...he's not home and his 10 year old daughter gets the message. She hears my rant, promptly freaks out, and runs to mom asking why do I hate her daddy, why does her daddy smell and why am I telling her daddy to drop dead and never call me again?

This in turn prompts his wife, to get seriously angry, she calls him and chews him out and says tell that idiot to never do anything like that again, he calls me and it all totally sucked. He got a chuckle out of it and says ice cream cures all woes. But his wife, wow, scared I'd get a frying pan to the head or something.

Suffice to say, I wont be going for coffee over there anymore!

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