holy shit!

You're all Fired!

I am a very cynical fuck. So nothing really shocks me that I see on TV anymore. The last thing I remember really being shocked about (not news items) on TV was during a Saturday Night Main Event when Don "The Rock" Muraco and King Kong Bundy ambushed Hulk Hogan and sent him to the hospital. But I digress.

Last night on the Apprentice (the Donald version) the show started with the teams being redistributed, by Carolyn. And then the two teams went off to do a promotional thing at Dick's sporting goods. I still think Trump wasn't there because he would be saying the word DICK'S way to loud and it would seem inappropriate. One team did this golf thing and it was ok. The other team built a baseball diamond and a batting cage it was awesome.

When it ended the golf team increased sales in their department by 74%. The baseball group .. dropped sales by 34%. Trump was pissed, he sent three members of the team back to the penthouse, and then had four left. He didn't do the whole who do you want to bring into the broadloom thing. And then he fired all four all at once. Holy shit!

Martha's Apprentice teased that she would be firing two people next week, but Donald "Trumped" her I guess. The four of them looked shocked. His words (paraphrased) "You're all fired, get out, go home".

Is this an omen for an emergency cabinet meeting tonight. "Everyone get out of here, Rove, Scooter you guys stay. I hate to do this but you're both fired, go write resignation letters."

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