Niel Answer's Dear Abby Letters

DEAR ABBY: My son, "Max," is 14. We have always been able to talk about everything. I have always told him he could trust me and his father. I am very proud of him.

Yesterday I was shocked speechless because Max shaved his legs! Although I almost had a heart attack, I tried to remain calm. He says that all his friends are doing it, and that the girls like it. His father sat down with him and told him that men do not shave their legs. My son says it is the fashion, and hairy legs are not "in."

Max is a wonderful young man. People always tell me how lucky we are to have such a terrific son. Am I overreacting? I'm confused and beginning to feel the generation gap. -- WORRIED MOM IN PUERTO RICO

DEAR WORRIED: Calm down and stop worrying. You have asked your son to trust you; now it's time to trust your son. Many perfectly normal males shave their legs -- including athletes, bodybuilders, bicyclists, swimmers and people in the public eye. And I'm sure many girls do like it, because it shows muscle definition to better advantage.

P.S. It's only hair. It will grow back.

DEAR WORRIED: Don't listen to that half-wit, your son might be gay. "..I'm sure many girls do like it, because its shows muscle definition ..." Yes many girls do like that, people call those girls "Gay Men". Is your son an athlete? a body builder? a bicyclist? a swimmer? or in the public eye? No? It is obvious he wants a career in gay porn.

You son only wants to be more aerodynamic for having sex with dudes

I read a lot of things and never have I heard that shaving one's legs is in fashion. Please nurture and love your newly outed son.

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