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I just went to the Men's room and realized I am wearing an updated St. Matthias uniform. Light blue shirt, grey pants and black shoes. If I had on a navy blue tie, it would be just like 1988. But with extra hair on my chin and less on the top- man I wish I still had the caucasfro of my youth.

I know what Kelvin, Mike and eventually Dave are getting from me for their thirtieth birthdays!

Cliches are the new explaining yourself fully

We have these auto air fresheners in the bathrooms here. As I was leaving the thing shot it's spray out at me. I ducked, but I am still spring fresh.

Weather-wise it is a weird day outside. There are people dressed business casual (like me), people in suits, people in jackets, people in short sleeves, and people in shorts. I am not sure who is right. But in an hour maybe its 10 degrees colder or warmer. Who knows.

I am really sleepy.

I was looking for a link on my computer and came across the link to the Polar Bear club. I'm doing it again this year. It was awesome last year, I will stay in a little longer this time. Might invest in some neoprene boots

I need a hair cut.

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