Random thoughts

I was listening to the PK and J podcast and Paul said that all women love fall. I sent Ani a text message and she said, “Yes we all do like fall.” What is up with that?

On Wednesday Ani was off for a Jewish holiday so I took a half a day. After our windows were finally done. “I think we need another layer of caulk.” Ani and I head over to the art theatre in Kew Gardens. We went to check out The Squid and the Whale. We figured we were looking at another “Rushmore” or “Royal Tennenbaums”; unfortunately this movie was not nearly as funny or likeable.

The basic story is there is this couple of writers living in Brooklyn in 1986 (I was living in Brooklyn in 1986 as well and watched the two greatest Mets games that year … but I digress) they have two sons. The wife is just becoming a popular writer while the husband was once famous and now couldn't even get an agent to read his new manuscript.

The husband, who was played by Jeff Daniels, was such a fucking asshole. He was so degrading to his wife, and all women in general. This douche-bag was such an elitist fuck. He feels anyone who doesn’t like fancy films and important books are lower than him. I like fancy films and important books, but I also like pro-wrestling and easy reading.

It was an ok movie. Anna Paquin played his student who was reading stories about her vagina. And she is hot.

Flash back a few weeks ago, I went into blockbuster and saw SSX on Tour, I didn’t realize that it was even out. I was really disappointed that it isn’t Xbox live enabled. But it has the song “Run To The Hills” by Iron Maiden. After a day or so I was really getting into it.

What is neat is you can have skis or snowboard. The controls with the skis are not so great, but it kind of looks cool. It’s not as big and loud as Tricky or SSX3. I had fun with it and if I can find it for cheap I’ll pick it up, but not at full price.

Last random note, we picked up an external hard drive … oh baby is 120 extra gigs of space is awesome! I moved all my music and photos over onto it. It took forever to re-import all the mp3s into iTunes. But now all the songs are free of duplicates and I can go and download hours and hours of podcasts and random music.

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