a trend may be over before it really takes off

The trend of podcasting may be dead already. This morning on WB11 Kurt the "cyber guy" talked about podcasting. Oh boy. There goes a good trend. Tomorrow he has an exclusive interview with the "Badger badger badger" guys.

Unfortunately if it gets to big, podcasting will lose its unprofessionalism and charm. When Tim from Distorted View starts getting sponsors there will be no more Optimus Prime porn on sex-tatsic Tuesday. The smallness and intimacy that has gotten me mentioned twice on the show and Squilky sung to on the show, will be gone.

One thing I hate about some podcasts (not DV) is they are constantly plugging, their websites, or for votes on Podcastalley. This Raiders' podcast I listen to the guys spends half the show talking about how he hates the Chargers' podcast and how he needs our votes to pass "Bolt talk". Dude I download you show to hear about the Raiders, not about how gay you thing Chargers Ray is. I am sure he is hella gay in his powder blue Phillip Rivers jersey, but I don't care. I want to hear more about why Norv Turner should be fired and feed to the denizens of the black hole.

I'd like to start a podcast or website for overweight Raiders fans called "the black forest"

Tim always mentions one of his fellow Columbus Ohio podcasts the PK and J show . They do a weekly show and let me tell you it is really good. Paul and Jeanette have a great chemistry and like Tim there is a level of pseudo professionalism that sometimes completely falls apart. Admittedly this analysis is after listening to 1 hour of the show. I downloaded two more episodes and will become a regular listener.

So now my iPod has become like my car radio, a outlet for talk radio. Music is for suckers!!

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