It's that time of year again, when I champion former Mets players for Hall-of-Fame induction. Though this is a year that Keith Hernandez (the greatest fielding first baseman ever) is not on the ballot other notables are.

This years class is highlighted by Doc Gooden.


All-Star in 1984-86, 88
Rookie of the Year Award in 1984
Cy Young Award in 1985
record -194-112

Doc was the guy you went to Shea stadium to see especially during the hey day of the Mets in the late 80s. And even in the early 90s when the Mets teams were horrible, he was the last shred that remained from the championship team. Cocaine derailed his sure fire ride to Cooperstown. But you never know, maybe the writers will remember the 100+ wins before his 25th birthday. A fast ball so wicked, batters couldn't touch it. If he is inducted, I will be in Cooperstown in early August (unless of course he is inducted as a Yankee).

Other notable Mets on this years ballot.

Rick Aguilera, Gregg Jefferies and Orel Hershieser

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