I've done some dumb things ....

I am willing to admit I have done some stupid things in the past, but what I saw late tonight makes those things seems much less stupid. Admittedly I was going to COMPusa at midnight to get a DVD burner. The radio said it was 25 degrees. When I got there traffic on Queens Boulevard was snarled. I circled around for a while and ended up parking over by Sizzler, and that is a good four blocks away. Now the wind has picked up.

Outside of Circuit City (next to sizzler) were about thirty people in Parkas, on camping chairs, in sleeping bags, with coffee, all to be the first into CC in the morning. I guess that is no stupider than going out at midnight just to save 30 dollars and pirate movies.

When I finally got into COMPusa, it was like they were giving stuff away. There were hundreds of people in the store, it was bedlam. Were there any 29.99 DVD burners? Nope? How about 49.99 external DVD burners? Nope. I couldn't even find where they would be. So after about 20 minutes in there I left. Now it seemed even colder since I was sweating in the store. I walked back as quickly as I could. There were now more people in front of Circuit City. I jumped into the car and drove over to Best Buy to see if there was a line there. Surprisingly no. I found a spot right in front of the house, and quietly went upstairs and now I'm typing this (WE ARE TALKING REAL TIME BITCHES). I'll write about Thanksgiving and post some images of our bird Jimbo Jones.

Never again will I attempt to do Black Friday shopping!

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