I have been so uninspired to write ... I will break down the last few days in song. Actually in a weird outline, with some explanation.

  • I'd like to thank everyone who gave me such generous gifts this year

  • I'd like to punch the dude at paragon sports who when I was looking at neoprene boots, said he has a friend who swam around Manhattan Island, he described the guy as "He is a heavy fellow like yourself". Ok some where else will get my money.

  • I wrote my self evaluation over the weekend, I am some sort of slacker. Now I have to freak out over my review in a few weeks.

  • The main problem with my car was it needed a new battery, I can't believe it took almost an hour to jump start it the other day.

  • The game Cranium is awesome ... I realized that I am so overly competitive when it comes to board games while Ani is the total opposite.

  • I enjoy darts, I played a Ani's parent's house before the incident. That is all I am at liberty to say.

  • I want to make a video for Manowar's "Achilles" song using footage from Troy. I don't think there are 28 minutes of Brad Pitt fighting. If the song had 24 minutes about sitting at the boat and brooding I'd be in business.

  • I am glad the Giants backed into the playoffs

  • There were no people at midnight mass, we found seats. What the fuck.

  • Turkey and gravey don't make a good soda

  • Joe gave us an extra baby pizza, sweet!
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